TheMoove®, the solution!


TheMoove® will make pushing in a chair super easy.
At home, within nursing homes or the hospitality industry

Do you recognize the following situation?

A comfy living room, comfortable dining room or kitchen chairs, clients who are less able and caregivers with back and shoulder problems from pushing in clients on dining room chairs.

At home

Aging in place; a concept that is becoming more important nowadays. We all like to stay at home as we grow older, but sometimes our declining health and mobility make it difficult. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to make life easier for those taking care of us?


We have the solution: TheMoove®. It enables a very easy and effortless way of pushing in your partner to the dining room or kitchen table. The biggest advantage of this system is that you can keep your own dining room or kitchen chairs.

Nursing homes

Caregivers who suffer from painful shoulders and back. Physical strain for employees. Dining room and kitchen chairs needing repairs.

If this sounds familiar to you TheMoove® will be the solution for you. The system is user friendly, always at hand, safe for caregiver and client, no restraints and decently priced.


Hospitality industry

Pushing in a dining room chair is part of good etiquette. You want to look after your furniture and you care about the wellbeing of your employees. If the above is true for you, you must be familiar with the problems of pushing in guests chairs at a dining table. TheMoove® unburdens your employees, helps care for your clients and prolongs the life of your furniture.