TheMoove®, the solution!!


TheMoove® , chair displacer. The innovative solution for homes, nursing homes and the hospitality industry


TheMoove® chair displacer. The solution for pushing in (almost) any type of chair. Relieves the worries of your nursing home or hospitality industry employees, but TheMoove® also relieves your own worries. TheMoove® chair displacer can be used within homes, nursing homes and the hospitality industry.


A chair fitted with TheMoove® is easy and simple to push in towards a table. By operating the frame with your foot, the front legs of the chair will lift and enable displacement with minimal effort. Swivel wheels at the front allow for easy chair maneuvering.



What is TheMoove®

TheMoove® chair displacer is a Dutch product. Developed by a cabinetmaker and occupational therapist. The system consists of a solid metal frame and a set of wheels which are mountable on (almost) any type of dining room or kitchen chair. The metal frame has a standard black powder coating. Swivel wheels are mounted on the front side of the frame and a straight wheel on the back side. The part of the frame where the foot is placed, has a non-slip finish to protect the frame. The swivel wheels allow your foot to relax on the frame and floor.

TheMoove® chair displacer warranty

The warranty period for normal use, judged by the supplier, Jos Janssen Seating specialist, is 2 years. If the buyer has mounted the system themselves or adaptations have been made by third parties, warranty and/or liability will be cancelled.


Advantages of the TheMoove® chair displacer:

  • Prevention of physical strain in caregivers. Reduction of back and shoulder problems
  • More comfortable for the client. The client does not experience chair pulling and pushing
  • Simple and light in use. Increases the durability and lifetime of dining room or kitchen chairs.
  • Operable from the side and backside.
  • Clients can move their feet during chair pushing to maintain mobility
  • No more noise disturbance from chairs being pushed in. The mechanics of TheMoove® are completely silent.
  • Mountable to almost any type of dining room or kitchen chair. Immediate use guaranteed.
  • One-off purchase.
  • Affordable price.